Animegraphy 2012 by Qyll – a little retrospect


The time of the year when you start to need pullovers (well, at least on my Azur coast), you start to get back from work during night, and you start to do a little retrospect (hidden reference here) on the almost-past year.

The right time to do a small briefing on the 2012 anime then.
And how to do it better than using a video compiling almost all of the ones broadcasted this year?

This article is available in two languages: English (page 1) and French (page 2)

Cette article est disponible en deux langues: Anglais (page 1) et Français (page 2)

The Art of scene selection

Q: How do you do a 5-minutes video with 244 different anime footages (with some of them used several times), without it becoming a frenetic/messy/epileptic succession of short shots?
A: you ask Qyll to select the scenes! Here is the core quality of the video: it all stays very clean, smooth and readable even when the pace really increases. We are very very far from indigestible action videos with all scenes accelerated to 300%, and where the watcher loses the focus because there’s no way to keep up.
The continuity of the character’s movements, of camera movements, of the expressions, emotions … somehow all makes sense, we’re never bothered by the presence of a particular scene: all fits together and has been carefully selected. So well done in fact that I could have sworn that some consecutives plans were part of one anime, while the subtitles giving anime’s names (GG for that!), shows it’s not the case!


I wonder how Qyll got some footage (here from the 2nd film of Nanoha)


A video for Anime fan-boys only?

This kind of retrospective-of-the-year video, “filmography” for the movies, are quite widespread and are formidable promotion tools for the media they support. It’s the kind of video that makes you think « Wow, there were plenty of good stuffs this year, I may have missed some good things! »
But for anime, it’s the first time I come across this kind of one-year-reminiscence video.  So, did Qyll success in making us anime guys nostalgic? Would it buy some people into trying some animes? Undoubtedly YES!
Why? Because the split between the action part, emotion part, and fun part works like a charm: we get from one to another smoothly, naturally, and consequently can see a wide range of anime types in a single video, breaking the possible impression of « always got only stereotypical anime this season » we all sometimes got at the end of the year.
So yes, this video will talk more to anime enthusiasts, they’ll see again some great scenes from 2012. Yes, the quotes chosen for the additive dub won’t be kept in the annals. But this video will surely bring a smile on your face, and/or a sigh of content.


Ookami kodomo

Here’s the link (from to download it!

And the streaming link:

YouTube Direct


Care to give a retrospect on Anime 2012?

Hey why not! It won’t be an exhaustive list (especially since I didn’t see yet much of this fall’s anime), but here are some good series (IMHO) that stood out during 2012.

Let’s start chronologically with the older ones, that have started during 2011 and that you may have missed till now for any reason:
Chihayafuru: Big surprise for this Shojo anime, that will be loved by men and women equally, despite using a pretty unique subject: the Karuta.
Fate Zero: epic and epically beautiful, the latest baby of ufotable studio really shines. Sadly it is highly recommended to have seen the much less exciting Fate/Stay night series before.
Another: a good horror series, playing a bit with the standard and cliché of the genre, with a good production quality.
Lupin the 3rd: Maybe the best one of the year, a darker vision of Lupin the 3rd’s world, with Fujiko as main character, and an exciting graphic design.
Sakamichi no Apollon: a slice-of-life in the 60’s in Japan, focusing on Jazz. Got some of the greatest musical scenes ever.
Kuroko no Basket: this is the first time I really enjoy a sport series. A must-see, even if you don’t care about Basketball.
Swort Art Online: Or what could have been the .hack series. More dynamic, more drama and … more fan-service.
PSYCHO PASS: I name the series here without having seen anything of it yet, but I’ve only heard good things on it and some friends described it as a GITS-like.

A last word -cause series aren’t the only good things in anime- about movies. The 2 that really stood out this year were the 1st chapter of epic Berserk anime (even if the 2nd have already been aired in Japan), and the last masterpiece from Mamoru Hosoda, « Ookami kodomo, Ame to Yuki« , a great slice-of-life.

These small remedial classes should occupy some evenings :) !

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    1. Gwench
      25 novembre 2012 at 20:59

      Wow, c’est impressionnant, et mine de rien, ça passe bien. On ne sent pas trop les changements de sources. C’est bon ça ! ^^

    2. MagicDarkLight
      25 novembre 2012 at 23:57

      Ouais c’est une bonne vidéo mais en tant qu’amv c’est quand même moins intéressant que ce que le billet a l’air de dire, enfin genre c’est toujours le même rythme, les chocs de couleur etc. Après je ne dis pas, à titre personnel j’trouve ça vraiment cool mais je pense que c’est kiffant surtout pour ceux qui aiment les animes, malgré le gros taff’ de recherche

    3. Gwench
      26 novembre 2012 at 22:31

      C’est pas faux, oué, mais c’est surtout l’idée de départ qui me plaît. Après, que ça soit redondant, ben c’est obligé si tu veux avoir une certaine fluidité entre chaque source utilisée. ^^ C’est l’idée qui fait tout, c’est clair.

    4. cece-chan
      9 décembre 2012 at 5:10

      YAAAAAH, ça me rappelle les rétrospectives de films qui sont juste enormes et super bien montées. Utiliser les in et trouver des thèmes communs, c’est pas facile, respect !

    5. 24 décembre 2012 at 13:58

      Pas mal du tout ! Le passage sur Helix de justice de 1:10 a 1:56 est vraiment entraînant même si il reste bourin, dommage que la montée en puissance s’arrête : ). Bonne découverte.

      Merci pour les animés, je ne suis plus du tout l’actualité, je vais voir ce que vaut Fate Zero (qui à l’air vraiment joli) et Lupin the 3rd !

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