Connichi 2012 – AMV, cosplay and beers…

For this edition 2012, I decided to return to meet these crazy germans at the Connichi in Kassel (middle of Germany). The Kongress Palais welcomed more than 20.000 visitors: a great success for the convention.


Kongress Palais at Kassel

This post is in two languages : english (page 1) and french (page 2).
Ce billet est rédigé en 2 langues : anglais (page 1) et français (page

The prices are still expensive but I was lucky that Shui bought a ticket in advance and sell it me back for 30€ (3 days tickets).

 Best topics of this edition:
– AMV Nacht
– AMV contest
– the Cosplay park !!!
– German beers
– Shui puking (because of german beer of course, this swiss guy is so weak :D)

For going there, I drove from my place to JCD’s place (Trier near to Luxembourg frontier) on thursday afternoon (6th of September). Then we drove to Kassel (around 3h and half driving) to meet the first editors already there. team editors team

Thursday night (6th)

Well not much to say: we had dinner at a german restaurant then go back to the hotel in our room (JCD, Shui and me) with like 10 people in the room. Of course we made a lot of noise and the receptionist came 2 (or 3) times knocking at the door to tell us being more quiet. After the 3rd time we had to go out the hotel and keep drinking beer and dancing (GG Cenit) to fight against the cold and the night.

I taught a (french?) drinking game named “caps” to JCD and Shui. You have to shoot the beer bottlecap of your opponent and he has to drink. Unfortunately Shui lost many times and had to drink a lot. But we were punished by him when he puked in our room during the night. So we had to clean everything on the morning. Fortunately all was good after a while.


German restaurant

Having a dinner in a german restaurant.

Having a beer outside the hotel

Having a beer outside the hotel (because we were too noisy).

Friday 7th

Well easy day. We were quiet tired. I visited the city and went to convention the afternoon. I assisted to the AMV workshop: it was about editing, sync, and all the stuff that editors like about.

Zest did a lot of jokes during the panel. I did not understand them because this guy was speaking only german! It’s inadmissible, one guy (me) was not able to speak german ^^ But I pardon him because he told some nasty french words during the interviews.

AMV Worshop 2

AMV workshop by zest, JCd and Lapskaus.

AMV Workshop

Zest seems to be very involved in this!


The AMV meeting: just before the AMV Nacht, there was a place to meet all the editors. That was really cool. We ordered pizzas and drink beers. I even met the first winner of Connichi 2002.

Pizza time for the editors

Pizza time for the editors.


The AMV Nacht

This year again Cenit, with the help of Jadecharm, was organizing the night of AMV. As usual a lot of good videos (even few frenchies – Nostro, Creed, Skydean) but the best was like every year : Sempai Says by Douggie, all the public was completely involved during the screening of this video.

AMV Nacht

AMV Nacht with Cenit and Jadecharm.

AMV Nacht break

Well, the organizers seems to have a break.

After the AMV Nacht, there was an extra time for screening AMV in a video room (holding by JCD).


Saturday 8th: Cosplay time !!!


Saturday was just the perfect day to shoot cosplay models in the park just behind the convention center. The weather was just perfect: a very beautiful sunny day.

So I won’t talk too much for this part, just enjoy the pictures (especially the last ones of the selection)!

Group cosplay

Naruto team

Naruto team : a classic one


Orcs are coming!

Bordelands 2

Borderlands 2 : so class!


You will be « judged ».


Three versions of the videogame’s character Alice Nightmare Returns.

Aladdin and Jasmine

Aladdin and Jasmine


Well, this is not exactly a cosplay but some fetishits may like them…

Top fun


Out of this body, Kazend!

Orc and girl

I think this orc will have some good time for his snack…


We had really good « bodyfuards » in the park.

Blue vs Red

Red vs Blue

Teddy Bear

This is the good side of Pedobear.


Does someone know the origin of these two ducks?

Hamster fighting each other.

Ready? Fight!


Best cosplay concept

Smart code

If you scan the code of the head, it links you to a website where you can see what they are filming right now (there is a small videocam on the left head)!

Top worst

Magician and witch

I don’t want to be a magician (neither a witch).

Sapce Naruto

Souldn’t ninjustu keep you in good health?

Fairies in the bush

The bush is not high enough!

Robe victorienne

The best part is the costume.

Male Vocaloid

Male Vocaloids are soooo beautiful…

Top SEXY !!!


First, the 2 girls from Maria and Jadecharm

Harely Quinn

I have never enjoyed rubber latex as much as now.

Fermale Mario and Luigi

Guys, I got a real panty shot!

Faye Valentine

Well, this Faye Valentine have a little something very special…


Mmmh, I don’t know why but she could be very persuasive to won the jury prize.


Final Fantasy X-2 has « finally » some good sides:
one of the best of my sexy top!

And a special one for the bronies.


Bronies, your dream becomes finally reality: you can have sex with a pony.

To conclude this cosplay sequence, I present a Cosplay Music Video made by zest (with a guest star in it, look at the end :D)


After this short distraction, please follow me to the AMV contest.

The AMV Contests

The contest took place in the amphitheater: the conditions of screening were just awesome despite the sound was sometime not that good (according Shui’s advice).

Editors watching AMV

Us, editors, watching some stupid stuff on a big screen.


Florian, the contest organizer

Results of the Free contest:

1. Noss – Galaxy Suit – (YT)
2. JadeCharm Fame (DM)
3. Brad DeMoss – Men
4. JCD Weapon of Choice (VM)

Exclusive contest:

The selection of the 16 videos were actually quiet good (really better than last year). Unlike last year, I sent something for this contest and I can really tell you when you hear the music of you video in this room, it’s awesome! There is no comparison with the creepy condition of Japan Expo in Paris (we really need to do something about it guys).

 Actually the top 3 between the Jury choice, Editor choice and Audience choice was exactly the same!


1. i__3 – Mission XR
2. zest Halbstark
3. Lapskaus Friendship is Wurst (YT)

Chill out at night

Chill out at night.

Cenit and Shui

Shui : « Germans are such nice guys… » (irony inside)
Cenit : « Silence, I kill you! »

Sunday 9th:

Very quiet day as usual. Doing some stuff like a go contest at the morning, taking extra pictures of cosplay, attempting the closing ceremony,etc… But this time I profit of my free time to interview few german editors and I compile all of them in the following video (+ cosplay and ceremonies). 



And we finish by the usual dinner at the argentinian restaurant with wonderful piece of beef.

This year again, Connichi was actually a big success.

Before leaving Kassel

Last picture before leaving the Connichi convention :)

Here is the facebook link to the Connichi pictures: Connichi 2012.

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    1. 18 octobre 2012 at 20:42

      Good Job, Adrien. This brings back some good memorys. This was a great weekend and it was great having you around again this year. I think this goes for all when i say you are most welcome and hopefully not only will you be around next year again but i hope to make it to Japan Expo 2013 nyself, too. Keep it up and thanks for this collection of pictures and awesome!

    2. PBE
      20 octobre 2012 at 3:31

      Franchement bien la rétrospective en vidéo, et dire qu’on attends encore les vidéos de la JE 2011 et 2012 *trollface*

      +1 pour le « ah hello mon petit coeur  » :p

      Ça donne envie d’y aller !

    3. mirkosp
      20 octobre 2012 at 16:39

      « Does someone know the origin of these two ducks? »
      Negaduck and Quackerjack from Darkwing Duck!

    4. 20 octobre 2012 at 16:51

      Thanks a lot Mirko. I was suspecting darkwing duck but I’ve never seen the serie so i was not sure 😉

    5. chambeyc
      21 octobre 2012 at 8:55

      Lots of photos, comments on each days, and even a video interviews of German editors … That’s what I call a good article! Good Job Snow!

    6. Stickygaiden
      21 octobre 2012 at 12:31

      Excellent Bilan de ce Connichi, vraiment complet et qui donne envie. L’interview de certains clippeurs ajoute une plus value vraiment intéressante à ton billet, surtout qu’il permet également de mettre un visage sur certains gros noms de l’AMV allemand.

      Vraiment bien joué Snow. =)

    7. MagicDarkLight
      21 octobre 2012 at 14:59

      Haha ça avait l’air bien sympa, pas mal de jolis cosplays à ce que je vois.

      Pour le concours d’amv, je ne connaissais que deux pseudos, décidément, moi qui pensais bien connaître les clippers étrangers!
      Bref, bravo pour l’article, c’est complet et bien rédigé et bel effort pour la traduction aussi 😉

    8. Ce-nedra
      24 octobre 2012 at 12:58

      Très bonne revue ! J’ai trouvé ça intéressant de pouvoir voir la communauté AMV allemande et d’avoir leurs impressions face au contest et autres. Merci de l’avoir partagée.

    9. Sword
      15 novembre 2012 at 15:21

      Pas mal cette article ~
      Ça à en effet l’air sympa et ils ont l’air pas prise de tête les allemands. Ou est ce l’ambiance de la conv’ qui est plus légère que la JE ? Surement ~

      Certains cosplay était pas mal ouai =)

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