Interview from Portugal with …. Siny

Hi folks !

So for once let’s put the videos on the side and take a look at the editor behind them. To be specific, let’s check more about one editor that made so quite beautiful things recently: Siny


If you don’t know about her yet, here is her ORG profile as a reminder

But to know her best, just have a look at the interview she gave us below.

This interview is available in two languages: English (page 1 and 2) and French (page 3 and 4)

Cette interview est disponible en deux langues: Anglais (page 1 et 2) et Français (page 3 et 4)


– How did you discover AMVs?


I have a lot of good memories from the old animes I used to watch on TV. Hoping that I could find them again it’s how I came across AMVs and watching those videos made me go back to those precious moments.


– What makes you begin editing videos/a video?


Well, it can go either way. Sometimes I love an anime so much that I go hunting for a song, but most of the times it’s the other way around because I really love music. Music is filled with emotions of all kinds and sometimes I connect so much with a song that just listening to it it’s not enough. So editing becomes a way of expressing myself through that song. But I really don’t like to edit randomly, so before I even start the project I already have most of it planned in my mind.


I can say that one of my guilty pleasures is to listen to a particular song on repeat before sleeping, and that way I can plan inside my head and think about the most fitting scenes.


– Which of your own videos you consider the best?


Uh, this is really difficult to answer, because it’s like picking one of my babies lol. I would say that Wishes to Fireflies will always be one of my favorites despite of it being old (reason why I’m actually thinking about redoing it); I remember the amount of hours I spent searching for specific scenes but still trying to be faithful to the stories of the animes I was using. I’m also proud of Slow Me Down that I did for AMV-France Online Contest, because that’s when I tried to make something different and work more on my transitions; it was a really nice experience and I like the result.

Age of Man took more time to plan than to actually make it, which is probably why I think it’s one of the bests, not technically but emotionally. Then I would have to say Overcoming LonelinessMon Ami Edmond and Creating Something Beautiful, because they were all very time consuming but the final result made me think that it was totally worth it.

– Who is your favorite editor? Your favorite AMV(s)?


Oh great, let’s skip to a even more difficult question! I have to say I don’t have a favorite editor, I just can’t, because so many names popped into my mind. I have editors who I admire because of their technical skills and others that are able to make me feel something and blow me away with their scene choice. So I’m gonna name 10 of my favorites that fit on both pools: Ileia, AimoAio, Crossfade, Shin, pacotacoshell, aoisenshi, Anicsi, Radical_Yue, Chiikaboom, WhispersReloaded. For my favorite I will say Silver Lining by Lori (aoisenshi), because it’s the most beautiful video I’ve seen with Rurouni Kenshin and I see myself rewatching it a lot (I’m a hopeless romantic).


– Can you tell us a bit about yourself IRL?


Sure! I’m a graphic designer for 5 years now and I’m blessed to work on something that I love. I did a full semester of a master degree on Artistic Illustration, which I will hopefully get back to when I can. As I said before, music is something that I constantly live with, but I also love to sketch and one year ago I started making jewelry. I was able to start a little business with that and the feedback is pretty good. It’s sort of addicting like editing and the materials can be rather expensive, but the difference is I’m actually selling those pieces. I have a strong passion for books, the more the merrier. And everyone who knows me, knows that I love animals! :)


– With no more less than 11 videos created this year, you’re one of the most productive -and talented I would say- editor out there. What is your secret? Do you have a particular way to edit? It always took me forever to prepare my sources using VirtualDub & such …. Some tricks to give to us?


You know, reading this question actually depressed me because I had no idea of how many videos I did this year. And those are just the ones on, I have more on youtube which… whoa, again… depressing! I’m pretty sure I’m not the most talented though! Ahah I have no secrets. I just learned this year that I actually edit really fast, especially if I’m really focused on that video.


As I mentioned before, when I start my videos I already have a clear image of what I’m going to do. And that helps me a lot to not drift away from what I imagined. I guess a good memory also helps and I do watch the animes I edit with, so I guess I have some sort of filter inside my mind that saves me a lot of time? lol I know that some editors don’t mind editing with an anime they never watched, but I can’t imagine myself doing it.


I actually just remembered something funny that happened on the first round of Project Org Editor. The theme was about the elements and I was doing the Watery Symphony of Kai, which is based on the four seasons with the water as the main element. And I wanted to use this scene of some leafs where the camera was coming from inside a tree and passing through them. I knew that scene and I knew that it was from Kimi Ni Todoke but I couldn’t find it. I spent an entire day looking for it, asking people if they knew the episode and I even remember making a draw to show it around. In the end, I couldn’t find it but my next video was with Kimi Ni Todoke and there « she » was… This is just a funny example of how a simple memory of a scene with leafs can be so stucked inside my mind. So I guess having a good memory can be my secret?


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    1. MagicDarkLight
      28 octobre 2012 at 13:37

      Good job for the interview, it was interesting, I only knew her name but not really much more 😀

    2. 28 octobre 2012 at 23:45

      Very good interview. That’s nice to see some portugese editors here =)

    3. Ce-nedra
      30 octobre 2012 at 6:44

      I didn’t know this editor and it was a good surprise to discover her videos. Portugese community ? Sounds good !

    4. Shin
      5 novembre 2012 at 10:04

      Yay for Siny! <3

    5. 24 décembre 2012 at 13:47

      C’est vrai que tu m’en avais parlé de cet interview Chamb ! Elle est très intéressante, je vais continuer à la suivre elle ^^. Je pense que son métier de graphiste en est pour quelque chose aussi dans la justesse des ses réalisations.

      « Quand j’aime une chanson, et que je veux éditer avec, ça devient un moyen de « soigner » mon obsession » On se reconnait tellement avec ce qu’elle dit, enfin pour moi en tout cas !

      Merci pour l’interview !

    6. Johnd288
      18 mai 2014 at 10:41

      I’m glad that it turned out so effectively and I hope it will continue in the future because it is so worthwhile and meaningful to the community. aedggbfefafb

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