Monty Oum et ses RWBY

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It has been a while since we talked about him, but Monty Oum is as productive as always, for our greatest pleasure!
Thus this is a new serie we discover from him, RWBY. And as always, it rocks and we got awesome fighting girls!



For the few that may not know about him, Monty Oum is a popular animator/3D model maker that made his name essentially thanks to Dead Fantasy episodes (impressive cross-overs giving epic battles between Final Fantasy and Dead or Alive protagonists), as well as other personal projects like the now-quite-old Haloid.
He’s now mainly working on the Red Vs Blue project (a comedy using characters from Halo) along with the Rooster Teeth team, but somehow miraculously found the time to launch this new series. Shot0049


Just like for the Dead Fantasy, he has done most of the work himself, since he’s creator/director/animator/scriptwriter and even voice actor!
Even though the more observant of you (isn’t it Atio :) ) may notice some minor flows here and there in the 3D, the final rendering is excellent and the fight scenes are kicky, something Monty managed to maintain even considering the pace of releases and the amount of work required.

Blake_IconBig thumbs up also to Jeff and Casey Lee Williams for the music, always fitting the ambiance and the action. This is also why we wanted to talk about these videos here: the editing/montage has quite a lot of similarities with AMVs, trying to synchronize to the best, action, footage and music.
And as for his previous videos, the most pleasant thing here is how well are editing the fight scenes: each new video brings new moves and new improbable weapons, and with new combo movements that evoke more dance than combat to me. Not suprising, since we can say that all the succes of Monty resides in his capacity to innovate in fighting scene choregraphies.



Currently, 3 of the 4 planned episodes are out (the latest being available since yesterday):
Red: where the young Ruby fight a horde of werewolves. This one is ma favourite on the esthetic side. It clearly is inspired by the Red Riding Hood tale.

YouTube DirectRed

White: with Weiss acting as both a singer and a rapier user. I think here the reference to the Snow White tale resides only in the name of the character, else I can’t tell what the giant armor is referring to.

YouTube DirectWhite

Black: in which we have for the first time 2 characters, Adam and Blake. It is also the first time they got dubbed, a nice addition that shows us Monty try to improve in different ways. And who knows, maybe it is dubbing practice for the future Dead fantasy ?

YouTube DirectBlack


What is left to know is whether we will have additional episodes with the heroines together, or if the storyline somehow initiated in this third opus will be continued …
For those who wants more information, you shall take a look at the dedicated wiki page, or check at the facebook page of the series.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to see more sliced werewolves :)


EDIT: looks like the series have now 3 episodes out! Check them out (and Yang’s 4th trailer as well) on !


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      8 avril 2013 at 2:08

      Un vrai malade…ce mec ne se compare pas aux amv tellement son travail est divin et bouillant de puissance!

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